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John Doe

I'm Stefan Kuehn, a Jr. Developer currently focused on growing my experience working on a team.

Typically I'm working on web aplications but also have a passion for automating things with python.

I try to create things in my freetime and have been obsessed with technology my entire life. I am improving my skills every day and strive to learn something new all the time.


Balloon Popper

My take on the incremental genre of games. Similar to cookie clicker but with a balloon theme. All art is original. Made in vanilla JavaScript.

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Betting Game

A game were the object is to get more points than the opponent without rolling a 1. Made with JavaScript.

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Number Guesser

A number guessing game I made with JavaScript. Focused on DOM manipulation and User Input.

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Tic Tac Toe

A browser version of Tic-Tac-Toe I made with JavaScript. Worked with a partner using GIT to practice a real time project on a 'Team'.

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Random Beer Generator

A web app that generates random beers from the punk API, made with HTML / CSS and JavaScript.

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Panel Town Ecommerce Website

Migrated data from original Magento site and created an ecommerce store in WooCommerce. Managed and maintained website, including all integrations for inventory management and payment processing.


Smart Service Software Website

Maintained, Developed and provided SEO to a WordPress website for My Service Depot.



Website I made for a client's business, Net-Pro. Used HTML/CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap.




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